Research and Development

The Department’s scientific and research orientation

Constituting a research centre similar to universities of Western Europe, the Department pursues basic research in theoretical and field archaeology and solves the problems of archaeological methodology, spatial and non-destructive archaeology, the creation of complex archaeological databases and the processing of archaeological data using geographic information systems.

Since its establishment, the Department has been involved in investigating miscellaneous research projects in co-operation with other institutions home and abroad. The projects are aimed at specific sites of diverse age and character, comprising prehistoric settlements, burial sites, delimited and fortified areas, medieval and modern-age rural and urban habitations, strongholds, castles, monasteries, production areas (mills, glassworks, etc.), field fortifications, battlefields and others. Within the fast-developing discipline of archaeology of modernity, attention will be paid to 20th century heritage, e.g. villages disappearing after 1945, military fortifications or the Iron Curtain.

In addition to individual sites, the research is also focused on the survey of selected regions and areas, with preference given to little destructive or non-destructive methods (e.g. surface survey and collection, geophysical survey and measurement, aerial survey, use of vertical aerial, satellite or lidar images).

The Department has recently become involved in development and education projects of the EU – Innovation of teaching of historical sciences with emphasis on an interdisciplinary approach and intercultural dialogue (2010-2013), Partnership in the research and presentation of archaeological cultural heritage (2011-2014) and Strategies of archaeological research in Europe (2011-2014).

The Department’s expeditions abroad are aimed at the area of northeast Mesopotamia with the central metropolis of Erbil in Iraq and at northern Caucasus in the Karachay-Cherkessia republic of the Russian Federation.