doc. PhDr. Pavel VAŘEKA Ph.D.
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30614 Pilsen
Tel: +420377635101
Deputy Head:
  PhDr. Josef HLOŽEK Ph.D.
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  Mgr. Sabina MATTOVÁ Ph.D.

About the Department

The Department of Archaeology offers courses in archaeology, especially archaeology of Antiquity, the Middle Ages and the Modern Age. Many of our lecturers rank among the country’s top researchers. The goal of archaeology teaching at the University of West Bohemia is to educate students against the background of archaeology. Graduates are intended to acquire in-depth awareness of the artefact heritage of the past and its significance for humanity today, as well as to gain plentiful knowledge and skills not provided by other humanities (wide use of computer software, e.g. databases and geographic information systems, the use of GPS, digital photography, aerial photography, etc.). One of the objectives is the training of specialists for work in archaeology and related disciplines and the preparation of students for further education in archaeology.

The Department of Archaeology constitutes a research centre similar in form to those found at Western universities. It develops basic research in theoretical and field archaeology and solves problems of archaeological methodology and spatial and non-destructive archaeology, creation of complex archaeological databases and processing of spatial archaeological data using geographic information systems.


Sedlackova 15
30614 Pilsen
Tel: +420377635101

email (Secretary):    mattova@kar.zcu.cz
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