Doctoral studies Archaeology

The aim of the doctoral study is to prepare the participant for independent research work in the field, which includes both the development of creative activities in the field of methodology and theory, as well as deepening empirical skills in archeology. The student will gain excellent knowledge of movable and immovable archaeological sources, will master archaeological theory and will be able to independently apply field, laboratory and other research methods, including advanced mastery of formalized procedures and modern technologies. During his/her studies, the doctoral candidate will successfully implement a research project that will bring new knowledge to the field and the output of which will be a dissertation thesis. Great emphasis is placed on an interdisciplinary approach and the development of cooperation with related scientific disciplines.
The doctoral study program is a continuation of the master's degree program in Archeology, but is also open to graduates of other related scientific fields that develop relevant overlaps in the field of interdisciplinary cooperation. The doctoral program is implemented in cooperation with the Institute of Archeology of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague and the Institute of Archeology of the Faculty of Arts of the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice within the "Doctoral School of Archeology" study program.