Archeologie komunistické totality

Hlavní řešitel na KAR: Mgr. Petr NETOLICKÝ, Ph.D.
Číslo projektu:SGS-2014-058
Období řešení:2014-2014


Project will focused on the archaeological research of the Communist totalitarianism in Bohemia. Four main topics will be chosen for testing the possibilities of this new subfield of archaeology: 1) Iron curtain: archaeology of the barrier between Czechoslovakia and the free world, 2) 1949 – 1960 forced labour camps: archaeology of Communist repression, 3) J. V. Stalin monument in Prague - Letná: an example of symbolic domination over public space and its materialisation in Communist and Post-Communist Prague, 4) Tramp movement: escape from totality archaeology. Field archaeological research results will be compared with testimony of other sources (written, visual) and data retrieved from anthropological research of witnesses.